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The Power of Oxygen

Oxygen is a key ingredient of life. It’s the most abundant element found on Earth, its were we derive our energy from, and the basis for achieving beautiful, healthy looking skin – both inside and out. Essential in processes of respiration and metabolism, the role of oxygen is critical to all normal functions of the body’s tissues – including the appearance of the skin.

Properly functioning cells require adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to conduct chemical activities, as ATP is the molecule that carries energy to the places where it is needed. Mostt cellular functions need energy in order to be carried out, such as : synthesis of proteins, synthesis of membranes, movement of the cell, cellular division, transport of various solutes and more.

Though oxygen is vital to the survival and functionality of all cells in our body, as we age the amount of oxygen stored in our subcutaneous tissues slowly diminishes. Factors such as pollution, our diet, even our lifestyle decisions can negatively impact the body’s ability to retain and maintain ample oxygen levels. Replenishing oxygen lost over time is a crucial and effective means to reversing the signs of aging.

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