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Selecting Oxygen Botanicals' professional-grade skincare ensures that your skin receives top-notch care. Crafted with premium ingredients and benefiting from decades of expertise in skincare, our products guarantee quality. Rely on Oxygen Botanicals to assist you in attaining radiant, healthy skin.

Why Oxygen Botanicals ?

  • International Brand

    Distributed in 27 countries

  • Trusted by professionals for 20 years

    We have been in the spa & salon space for 20 years.

  • Licensed Retailers

    Our products are sold only by licensed estheticians and spas.

  • Unique Innovation

    We are the first skin care line that is successfully infused with a stabilized chemical free derivative of pure oxygen.

What Our Customers Say

Love the products! These are the best products I have tried. You have a customer for life.

Melissa Munoz

This is an amazing moisturizer.I really love the way the skin feels and look after applying.

Kumari Jaipargas

What a beautiful finish.After my moisturizer I apply this product and it just locks in al the moisture and it looks so dewy. Love this product. What a beautiful line. Oxygen. Thanks


Love this smooth and lightweight texture of the serum. It has a nice consistency and easy to dab evenly on the skin with the pinky finger. The serum is very gentle and I can feel the immediate effect on the under eye areas. After an intensive two months trial period of using this eye serum twice daily, I have to say that this cream is working quite efficiently and effectively in improving skin tone and texture. It's also visibly minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially those under eye puffiness and sagging skin. This serum is not just providing moisture for the skin but it's enriched with vitamin C, Tri-peptides which helps reducing under eye dark circles as well as lifting, firming the skin for a more softer and smoother overall skin complexion.


I love this cream, I apply it at night with the hyaluronic gel and the combination is very effective on my very dehydrated skin. When I wake up in the morning my skin is soft and I don't have any dry patches. During the winter months it is also my day cream. I have been using this cream for several years and I don't know if the formula has changed but I find it silkier and less oily when applied, which is even better!

Sonia Eastman