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Professional Brightening

Professional Brightening

Oxygen Botanicals antioxidant products diminish dark spots and

even tone and reboot skin’s radiance.


Achieving a healthy glow with an even complexion is possible with the right skin-lightening products. We offer a range of brightening products including facial skin-lightening creams, as well as lightening serums, to improve hyperpigmentation and even out the skin tone.


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YOUR Professional Brightening QUESTIONS ANSWERED

Most dermatologists agree that dull skin is often caused by dryness and one of the most popular reasons for dry skin, is not exfoliating enough or not exfoliating properly. Also when skin is exposed to the sun, it produces excess melanin as a protective response. That extra melanin is what causes dark spots.

Exfoliation increases the skin's brightness by creating a smoother and more polished complexion. The two types of exfoliation are physical and chemical exfoliation. Physical — or mechanical — exfoliation uses manual methods of removing excess skin cells on the face.

Skin brightening is a different process from skin lightening. The purpose is not to reduce pigmentation but to increase the brightness and glow of the skin. Dull skin refers to when the skin complexion stops looking radiant.

Skin brightening is achieved using agents that block the production of melanin.

Brightening products help to even skin tone and provide an overall brighter look by fading dark spots and leaving a dewy glow on the skin.

Radiance-C Serum, Oxygen Botanicals' 15% Ethylated Ascorbic Acid, offers a direct-acting approach to achieving a radiant, healthy-looking skin tone. Revitalizing- C Serum, this moisturizing cream leaves your skin brighter, younger and more radiant. Repair and restore your skin; your best daily defense against environmental aggressors.
Canadian Glacial Clay Mask, rich with minerals, micronutrients and rare elements that are proven to detoxify and replenish, this detoxifying botanical blend promotes a softer, brighter and radiant complexion.
Enzyme Gommage Peeling, this mask also detoxifies the skin, resulting in a brighter, well-hydrated and healthy-looking skin.

A brightening serum is just that: a type of serum used to either brighten your skin in general by helping to improve the appearance of dullness, or to target specific dark spots. Such as Oxygen Botanicals' Revitalizing-C Serum, Radiance-C Serum and Specialty Serum (B).

It is common for skin to be red and swollen for a few days afterwards, and it may be bruised or crusty for 1 to 2 weeks. Over the next few weeks, your skin should start to fade to a lighter colour. It will be sensitive to the sun for up to 6 months.

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