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professional cleanser

Professional Cleansers & Toners

Cleansers balance your skin and provide a fresh surface.


Cleanse and refresh your clients' skin with our extensive collection of professional cleansers. Find facial cleanser and face wash for salon use today.


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YOUR Professional Cleansers & Toners QUESTIONS ANSWERED

Beyond removing dirt, excess oil, makeup, and other impurities, a Milk Cleanser can provide additional skin benefits. Depending on the facial cleanser you choose, the formulation may be able to provide extra soothing, hydration, and/or exfoliation.

A cleanser is the first step in any skincare routine, and its job is to clear the skin of excess oil, dirt, makeup, and impurities—in addition to meeting the needs of specific skin types and addressing specific skin concerns. Toners are a beneficial follow-up for a cleanser, as these specially formulated solutions remove any lingering oil, dirt, and debris.

Using toners after cleansing has a variety of benefits for the skin. In addition to removing any dirt, debris, and excess oil that remains after washing, facial toners can be a gentle yet effective way to help exfoliate the skin. Gel Toners can help minimize the uppermost layer of dead skin cells.

Gel Toners can be used every day. In fact, most toners are formulated for twice-daily use after cleansing in the morning and evening. You can also use a toner in place of a full cleanse, such as after working out.

Soak a small cotton pad with the toner and gently wipe your face with the cotton pad. Avoid rubbing and scrubbing as this may be irritating and worsen dry, sensitive skin. Wipe each area of your face once and avoid repeatedly wiping in one area.

For those with dry skin, we recommend Milk Cleanser Normal to dry and Gel Toner Normal to dry. These non-foaming, gentle face cleansers efficiently cleanse the skin, remove impurities and debris, and provide hydrating benefits. Skin is left feeling clean without leftover residue. For those with dry to extra dry skin, we recommend Deep Clean Micellar Water a comforting face wash that provides hydration and leaves skin feeling clean, soft, and instantly soothed.

Those with oily skin may benefit from a deep cleaning formula that will not strip the skin. For those with combination to oily skin, Milk cleanser combination to oily remove excess oil while maintaining skin's natural protective barrier and pH. For those with oily skin, Gel Toner Combination to oily purifies without over drying.

Our best face wash for acne Specialty Foaming Gel Cleanser (B), removes excess oil and helps clear acne breakouts. this foaming gel acne cleanses skin and removes impurities.

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